Many people search to find their life's purpose that gives their life meaning. People are faced with everyday demands that lead them away from their true calling. This leads to unhappiness and frustrations that make life seem overwhelming. Life Coaching is a benefit that can help you take your life from good to GREAT! 
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Make yourself a priority and invest in yourself! Remember, making the most of your life starts with you. As a Life Coach I will encourage you through the process of being able to achieve all your desires in life. Together you and I will accomplish the proper balance between, love, family, health, career, etc. Let me inspire you to be the best you.
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Let me guide you in finding the path that will lead you to your inner peace. Each person's path is a journey in self acceptance. My passion is helping women find their self acceptance and happiness to live a fulfilled life. I offer many solutions to help you. If you are looking for a one-on-one personal relationship my Life Coaching and Meditation Journey sessions are a great fit. If you like to explore through social fellowship my Tea Parties and Vision Board workshops are fun options. 

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YOUR Inner Self.


Experiencing Meditation Journeys is a way to let your inner authentic self reconnect to your dreams and life's journey. Invest in your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Meditation journey sessions can be expereinced over the phone or in person. I offer personal and business classes. Contact me to schedule your session.
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Your Greatest Self.


Looking for an Inspirational Speaker? My passion is helping women find their purpose in life. I share with women the secret to dicovering their greatest self. 
I create speeches that inspire and motivate women to be their greatiest selves. 


Colleen Maloney


I have been using Colleen's life coaching services for over 10 years. She has guided me advice, motivated me toward my dreams and emotionally difficult times. She is the most gifted person I know. God has blessed me through Colleen.


Mary Innes, WI




I have been coached by Colleen for over 10 years now. I have had some pretty big shifts in my life. In those times I would not have gotten through them without Colleen. She's great at guiding you through the tough times as well as lifting you up when good things are around the corner.


Erin H, New York

Colleen inspires me to keep on track with all my goals, to stay determined, focused, and positive in all situations. Her passion for helping women is truly heaven sent.


Erica G., Houston, TX



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